Welcome to the Pure Energy Program!


Below you will conveniently find all of the documents needed for your successfully participation in the PEP. Please begin by reading the Program Guide in its entirety. You will also find the supplemental documents: The PEP Tracking Guide, Suggested Meal Plan, Recipe Book, Shopping List, and Dining Out Guide. Please note- The Suggested Meal Plan and The Recipe Book are only provided for your convenience. You are not required to follow a set meal plan during this program. You will find further instructions regarding acceptable foods in the Program Guide.


You may download all of the documents to your computer. Please note that the documents will be available for your use and download through this current month.


Consult your welcome email for instructions on how to join our Facebook page and link to suggested recipes on our Pinterest Pages.


Welcome, and let the journey begin!


...Kim's Customized Version



View the Pure Energy Program Full Cleanse Guide.



Sandy's Customized Version...

View the PEP Tracking Guide.

View the PEP Recipe Book.

View the PEP Suggested Meal Plan.

View the PEP Easy Shopping List.

View the PEP Dining Out Guide.

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